What is Duty Exchange

Duty Exchange provides an online platform where you get the latest information on prices or premiums of these transferable licenses helping the Exporters to sell the licenses and Importers to buy the licenses in a transparent deal. Due to the dynamic nature of the scrip pricing, the platform acts as a free-acting market and determines the prices of the scrip as per the market’s demand and supply. The scrips are transferred on a real-time basis with timely notifications.

Why Duty Exchange?

Duty Exchange is an exclusive online platform with an objective to encourage the exchange of information, not limited to duty scrips but other aspects related to EXIM business like GST Refund, FEMA Compliance, etc. Our Head Office is situated in Agra, with branches in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kanpur, and Coimbatore. With the digitization of the Export Incentive Processes, we are serving our customers in PAN India.

Why Duty Exchange

  • Providing the best match with prospective buyers and sellers
  • Better Price discovery
  • Transparent dealing
  • Better knowledge hub
  • Providing end-to-end guidance during scrip transactions.
  • Close co-ordination with various government agencies and departments such as Customs, GST, EPC, etc.

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