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    We provide a revolutionary tech-enabled platform for Exporters and Importers to seamlessly Buy and Sell Duty Credit Scrips and other Duty Licenses, along with real-time updates on market rates.


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    • Duty Exchange offers a near paper-less transaction experience and access to a large pool of KYC verified Buyers & Sellers.
    • Discover better prices for your Scrips and trade hassle-free with our digital escrow account-enabled solution.
    • Transact faster and wiser. Our robust technology ensures a seamless user journey.
    • Our Dedicated Customer Service Team ensures you have a fulfilling pre & post-transaction experience.
    • Duty Exchange provides a convenient and transparent way to Buy & Sell Duty Credit Scrips.


    Duty Credit Scrips (DCS) are Credit Certificates issued by the Indian Government to Exporters. They can be used to off-set Customs Duty payable on Goods and Services that are imported. DCS are a type of export incentive that is designed to help Indian Exporters compete in the global market.

    Duty Credit Scrips (DCS) can be used to offset Customs Duty on goods and services that are imported. They can also be used to pay Safeguard Duty, anti-dumping Duty and any other customs duty under FTP 2023.

    However, they cannot be utilized for payment of GST.

    Here are some of the benefits of Duty Credit Scrips:

    • Reduces the cost of production for exporters
    • Enhances competitiveness of Indian exporters in the global market thereby boosting exports and foreign exchange earnings
    • Helps to create more jobs in the export sector, promoting economic growth

    • There are a various ways to sell Duty Credit Scrips (DCS). One way is to sell them directly to an Importer. Importers who are looking for a way to reduce their Import Duty obligation may be interested in buying DCS.
    • Another way to sell DCS is to sell them through a Broker. Brokers who specialize in DCS trading can help you find buyers at a negotiated price.
    • Finally, you can also sell DCS through online auction platforms. Online platforms can be a good way to reach a large number of potential buyers and get a better price for your DCS.

    • RoDTEP – Remission of Duties or Taxes on Export Products
    • RoSCTL – Rebate of State & Central Taxes and Levies
    • MEIS – Merchandise Exports from India Scheme
    • SEIS – Service Exports from India Scheme

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