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    The full form of the RoDTEP is Remission of Duties or Taxes on Exported Products. The RoDTEP scheme is a new government initiative that aims to provide relief to Exporters from the burden of embedded Central, State, and Local Taxes and Duties on inputs used in the production of exported goods. The scheme is aimed at reducing the cost of production for exporters and making them more competitive in the global market.

    • The RoDTEP scheme which has been in effect from January 1, 2021 applies to only those goods (not services) that are manufactured and exported from India;
    • Re-exported goods, i.e., goods that are originally produced outside India but then are transhipped via India, are not covered under the scheme;
    • Manufacturer exporters, as well as Merchant exporters or Traders, can avail of the benefits of the RoDTEP scheme;
    • There is no maximum or minimum turnover threshold to claim the benefits under the scheme;
    • The scheme also covers the goods that are exported through e-Commerce Platforms via courier services

    Streamline your application process for the RoDTEP scheme by following our comprehensive step-by-step guide: 1. Shipping Bill Declaration, 2. Custom Processing, 3. RoDTEP Scrolls Generation, 4. RoDTEP Credit Ledger Creation, and 5. Scrip Generation.

    1. Shipping Bill Declaration:

    Make a clear declaration in your shipping bill about your intention to claim RoDTEP benefits. This declaration is mandatory from January 1, 2021.

    The exporter will have to make following declarations in the SW_INFO_TYPE Table of the Shipping Bill for each item:



    INFO CODE :: RODTEPY-If RoDTEP is availed

    RODTEPN-If not availed

    INFO MSR :: Quantity of the items in statistical UQC as per the Customs Tariff Act for that item RITC

    INFO UQC :: UQC for the quantity indicated in INFO_MSR

    It has been categorically specified by the CBIC that, if RODTEPY is not specifically claimed in the Shipping Bill, no RoDTEP would accrue to the exporter. No changes in the claim will be allowed after the filing of EGM

    Additionally, for every item where RODTEPY is claimed in INFO CODE, a declaration has to be submitted in the Statement Table of the Shipping Bill

    as below:



    Submission of the above statement code for RoDTEP availed items would indicate that the exporter has made the necessary declaration, while claiming RoDTEP benefit.

    Based on the above declarations in Shipping Bill, system would process the eligible RoDTEP.

    2. Customs Processing:

    Shipping bills with RoDTEP claims will be processed based on a risk-based targeting system. They will either be processed by officers or routed to the scroll queue without intervention.

    3. RoDTEP Scrolls Generation:

    After processing, RoDTEP Scrolls containing individual shipping bills and admissible amounts will be generated. You can access these scrolls in your ICEGATE (Indian Customs Electronic Commerce/Electronic Data Interchange Gateway) account.

    4. RoDTEP Credit Ledger Creation:

    If you have a valid Importer-Exporter Code (IEC) and registered on ICEGATE with a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), you can create a RoDTEP credit ledger account under the Credit Ledger tab.

    5. Scrip Generation:

    Log into your ICEGATE account and generate scrips by selecting relevant shipping bills. The generated scrips will reflect in your ledger and can be used to pay eligible duties during imports or transferred to another entity with a valid IEC and ICEGATE registration.

    Ensure a smooth application process for the Rodtep scheme by following our step-by-step guide. Should you encounter any challenges or need further assistance regarding Rodtep benefits, please reach out to us using the form provided.

    • Create RoDTEP Credit Ledger
      To avail of the benefits provided under the RoDTEP scheme, exporters must first create an electronic Credit Ledger by logging in to the ICEGATE Portal (www.icegate.gov.in) using their Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). In case an exporter is using the portal for the first time, they need to register themselves and then log in using authentication credentials.
      Once the user has successfully logged in to the portal, they can select the ‘RoDTEP option’ from the Scheme Name drop-down menu and create a Credit Ledger Account.
    • Declaration in the Shipping Bills
      Any exporter who wants to claim the benefits provided under the RoDTEP scheme must declare ‘RoDTEPY’ on that particular shipping bill, and ‘RoDTEPN’ in case they don’t want to avail the benefits. If a shipping bill does not specify either of these details, then, by default, the exporter will not get any reimbursement.
    • Claim Processing & Scroll Generation
      Once the Export General Manifest (EGM) has been filed by the carrier, the Shipping Bills are are either sent to an Officer for intervention or directly to the respective Scroll Queues. Once the scrolls are generated, the amount is available in the form of Credits on the ICEGATE portal.
    • Generating & Using Scrips
      The Credits available on the portal can be converted into Duty Credit Scrips by the exporters themselves. Every Scrip is given a unique Scrip ID.

    The following table summarizes the key differences between the schemes:

    Scheme Eligibility Incentive
    RoDTEP All exporters Refund of embedded taxes and duties
    MEIS All exporters Rebate of 2 - 5% of the realised FOB
    RoSCTL Exporters of garments and made-ups Rebate on embedded taxes and duties

    Note: Eligibility criteria and incentive rates for the above schemes may change from time to time. It is always best to check with the relevant government authorities for the latest circulars.

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